Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s current storyline is still revolving around the problems between Kartik and Kairav. Kartik is trying his level best to win Kairav but everything goes in vain. In the last few episodes, it was seen that Kartik has finally accepted his defeat and lets Kairav go to Goa with Naira. Even though Kartik is very much disheartened he understood that each and every move of him is making Kairav hate Kartik more and more. In the upcoming episodes, Naira will tell Kairav that they are going to Goa and will start packing their bags. Kartik will be extremely disheartened and depressed, he also makes sure he never come across Kairav before he leaves. Later, Kairav and naira will leave for the airport. Kartik will be still shattered with the fact that Naira and Kairav have actually left for Goa. Later, Dr. Pallavi will pay a visit to Goekha’s house and Kartik will be tensed by her sudden visit. Meanwhile, Naira will trick Kairav at the airport and will bring him back. Kartik also sees them at the house and feels happy internally that they did not leave. Keep reading for more updates.