In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Vedika will come to Naira’s room.Vedika will apologise only because of her all this happened.Naira will tell her that divorce is bound to happen anyway and will apologize to her that inspite of promising her,she couldn’t leave Udaipur.Naira will also tell her that she has decided to stay back as she cant let Kairav suffer and he deserve to know his father and spend time with him.Vedika will tell her that since has decided everything on her own there is nothing left to say and leaves.

Suhasini will tell everyone that Kaveri has invited them for dussera lunch and will feel guilty that inspite of them behaving badly towards the Singhania’s they still are normal.Manish will then tell her that even they have to put their best efforts to mend their relationship.Karthik will be overjoyed to get Naira’s message that she is not leaving.Suhasini will say now that it is resolved Karthik should give time to Vedika and give her his share of love.Karthik makes excuse and will leave.

Naira will tell her decision to her grandparents and Naksh and they get happy.Naksh picks up the airline ticket to cancel but on getting a call he leaves it on table.Kairav will see the ticket and thinks their father name is not there and he don’t want to go to Goa.

The Goenka’s arrive, Vansh is dressed as Ravan and Kairav as Lakshman.Kairav will ask Vansh About the ticket and he hid it.Vansh will say Naksh will buy one more.Kairav ask Vansh to give an idea not to go Goa.He will tell Kairav to fall sick or pretend to have fake wound then they will not take him away.

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