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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata will celebrate the famous Gangaur festival. Abhira and Ruhi will pray for Arman. Whose prayer will be heard? Find out below. 

In today’s episode, Vidya says Ruhi got divorce papers for Abhira and Arman. She confronts Ruhi.

Vidya says Arman and Abhira took care of Ruhi. She asks Ruhi why she wanted to break Arman and Abhira’s relationship. Vidya asks Ruhi to answer. Ruhi thinks about Arman. Vidya asks Ruhi to answer. Ruhi refuses to answer.

Ruhi cries in her room. Arman helps Ruhi. Ruhi tells Arman that Abhira told Vidya about the divorce papers. Arman consoles Ruhi. He decides to talk to Abhira. Abhira overhears Ruhi and Arman’s conversation. Arman scolds Abhira for targeting Ruhi. He blames Abhira for stretching the matter. Ruhi and Arman ignore Abhira.

Vidya asks Ruhi to leave. Kajal tries to stop Vidya. She asks Vidya to forgive Ruhi. Vidya says they can’t forgive Ruhi. She worries about Arman and Abhira. Kaveri forgives Ruhi. Ruhi blames Abhira. She decides to avenge Abhira for her insult.

Vidya and Kaveri plan the Gangaur festival. Abhira gets excited to celebrate the festival. 

In the upcoming episode, Vidya and Kaveri will plan the Gangaur. Abhira will take Arman’s help to get ready. Arman decides to help Ruhi. Ruhi will get jealous to see Abhira and Arman praying together. She will plan to ruin the festival for Abhira. Will Ruhi be able to succeed in her mission? Watch out this space for all the latest updates on your favorite show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.