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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all set for the famous Gangaur festival. According to the sources, Ruhi will confront love for Arman during the Gangaur. How will Abhira react? Check it out below.

In today’s episode, Arman and Ruhi see Abhira lying lifeless. Arman asks Abhira to open her eyes. He asks Abhira to get up. Abhira wakes up. Arman says he would have died if anything had happened to Abhira. Ruhi gets shocked.

Arman and Ruhi help Abhira. Arman thanks the goon unknowingly. He further helps Abhira. Kaveri calls Goon. The goon tells Kaveri that he saved Abhira because the money arrived on time. Kaveri asks Goon to stop chasing her. She decides to tell poddars that Abhira, Arman, and Ruhi are saved.

Manish asks Ruhi to come back soon. Ruhi tells Arman that he saved her. Manish asks about Abhira. Ruhi tells Manish that Arman is taking care of Abhira. Kaveri thinks she can’t disclose to the podaars the truth. Manish says kidnappers should not be spared. Sanjay tells Madhav that he is in touch with the Mussoorie police. Manisha says the kidnappers don’t demand anything. Kajal says that once the kidnappers are arrested, the truth will be revealed.

In the upcoming episode, Abhira, Ruhi, and Arman will return. Kaveri will decide to celebrate the Gangaur festival. Abhira and Arman will come close. Ruhi plans Abhira and Arman’s separation. Will Arman let go of Abhira because of Ruhi? Time will only tell.

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