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Rohit Purohit and Samridhi Shukla starrer Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for a major drama. Manish will take Madhav’s help to find Akshara. Will Manish learn about Abhira, find out below. 

In today’s episode, Sanjay that Krish will fulfill his dream soon. Vidya overhears Sanjay and Kaveri’s conversation.

Charu asks Dev if he is not using her to forget his wife. Dev asks Charu to go back home.

Kaveri thinks about Rohit. Vidya confronts Kaveri about ruining Krish’s life. She asks Kaveri to give freedom to the kids. Kaveri remembers giving freedom to Madhav. She says that Vidya is suffering. Vidya leaves the room.

Krish waits for Arman to celebrate. Abhira asks Charu why she is not taking Dev’s call. Charu decides to spend time with the family. Arman joins Krish, Aryan, Charu, and Kiara for the mango party. He confesses his love for his cousin. Abhira gets impressed. Arman helps Abhira. Ruhi gets jealous.

Kiara and Charu tease Abhira and Arman. Ruhi gets angry. Arman asks Ruhi if she is upset over something. Ruhi confronts Arman about kissing Abhira’s forehead. 

Afterwards, Arman holds Abhira’s hand in his sleep. Abhira gets shocked. She warns Arman against getting close to her. Manish asks Madhav to help him find Akshara. Madhav assures Manish.

In the upcoming episode, Abhira and Manish will decide to celebrate Akshara’s birthday. Ruhi will ruin Akshara’s birthday party organized by Manish. Will Abhira learn about her connection with Goenkas? Time will only tell.

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