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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all set for a shocking twist. Abhira will go missing. Ruhi will stop Arman from finding Abhira. 

In today’s episode, Abhira decides to celebrate Akshara’s birthday. Manish, Swarna, and Surekha look for Ruhi. They look for Ruhi at the Poddar house. Manish asks Arman about Ruhi. Arman says he is clueless. Kaveri tells Manish that Ruhi hasn’t returned yet. Arman decides to find Ruhi. Manish worries about Ruhi.

Arman finds Ruhi on the road. Ruhi asks Arman to leave her alone. Arman consoled Ruhi. A boy teases Abhira. Abhira plays with the boy. 

Arman asks Ruhi why she is upset with Manish. Ruhi says that, because of Akshara, Arohi died. She adds that Akshara separated her from Abhir and Abhimanyu. Ruhi breaks down. Arman consoles Ruhi.

Abhira waits for Arman. Manish comes to the orphanage. Abhira fails to see Manish. She waits for Arman. Abhira calls Arman.

Ruhi asks Arman not to leave her alone today. Arman ignores Abhira’s call. Arman takes Ruhi to the Goenka house. Manish is shocked to see Ruhi. Abhira runs away to meet someone. Ruhi and Manish patch up. Ruhi and Manish apologize to each other. Ruhi asks Manish to give her time to calm down.

In the upcoming episode, Ruhi will confess her love for Arman. Manisha will do a reality check. Elsewhere, Abhira will go missing. Arman will worry about Abhira. Will Arman be able to find Abhira? 

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