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Arman and Abhira’s romantic moment will be disturbed by Ruhi. Will Abhira learn the truth about Arman and Ruhi’s affair? Find out the full story below.

In today’s episode, Arman scolds Abhira for standing in front of the bulldozer. Abhira says she only had her house, which is unsafe. Arman consoled Abhira. The officer meets Arman. He says Kriplin has given permission to break the resort. The officer says no one can mend the house. Arman decides to fix Abhira’s house. Abhira gets smitten. She decides to confess her love for Abhira. Arman gets a call from Vidya.

Arman takes Vidya’s call. Vidya asks about Abhira. Arman assures Vidya that Abhira is sad. Manoj gives good news. He tells Arman that because of him, he was confident and won the case. Manoj gives credit to Arman. Arman refuses to take the credit. Manisha praises Arman. Ruhi asks Arman when he will be returning. Arman says he will be staying with Abhira sometimes. Ruhi gets shocked. Manisha notices Ruhi. She tries to jealous Ruhi by saying that Abhira and Arman might get close. Ruhi gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode, Arman and Abhira will share quality time at Mussorie. Ruhi will reach Mussorie and will disturb Arman and Abhira. Will Ruhi’s obsession separate Arman and Abhira? Time will only tell.

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