The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik spot the Kachori basket at the sametime and rush to it. Kartik and Naira fight for it and Kartik asks her to give it to him so he will consider it as his birthday gift. Naira denies and fights with Kartik to get Kachori basket. In this process both come to close and they lost in their eyes and dream sequence mitti mitti starts with romantic dance of them. Kartik and Naira Come out of their Dreamland hearing Manish voice. Naira thinks where she strucked and Kartik thinks hope time stops here so he can spend his time with Naira.

Naira tries to run away with Kachori basket but Kartik catches her and tries to take basket and in this process they break treasure hunt set and family members happy to see them. Kartik takes Basket from Naira and Kairav watches this and gets upset. Samarth informs about magician Kartik says magic show is after 2 rounds of Kachori game. Naira praises Kartik Infront of Kairav and Kartik asks whether Kairav likes magic show or not. Naira says yes.

Neighbors taunt Suwarna and dadi why they didn’t invite them for Kartik marriage and says Naira and Kartik are not looking like divorced couple they are moving closely like everything is fine between them. Vedika friends gets shocked hearing these gossips and seeing Kartik with Naira. Everyone enjoys magic show. And magician asks whom they want to dissapear. Kartika asks her to make Kairav mom dissapear Nd Kairav gets angry and Holds Naira dress.

Kartik says to magician end the show after this act but Kairav misunderstandings Kartik and thinks he is going to separate them. Magician asks Naira to come on the stage and after the act Naira is dissapeared. Everyone appreciate their act but Kairav panicks and cries shouting for his mom.

Kartik tries to pacify him saying his mom will come but Kairav throws him and beats magician. Naira enters the place and tries to soothe Kairav saying she is always with him. Naira assures Kartik saying he is fine through her signs and makes Kairav smile using tickling trick. Whole family gets happy. seeing Kartik presence Kairav ran towards Naksh. Kartik says because of this trick his son is angry on him. Naira suggest one secret plan to make Kairav happy. Kartik agrees.

Kartik and Naira enters hall with cartoon group and Everyone dances with them. Kartik asks Kairav to have kachori but he denies. He eats by Naira‚Äôs hands. Tum ho to plays and everyone takes pics. Pallavi observes everything and she got to know Vedika is out of country from Suwarna. Kairav says to Vansh he won’t cut cake. Vansh thinks to inform someone. Kartik gets Naira gift. he says it’s the best gift ever seeing his pics with Kairav.

Precap – Kairav spoils the birthday cake