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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for Abhira and Ruhi’s face-off. Ruhi will react after Abhira wins the challenge.

In today’s episode, Arman asks Abhira and Ruhi to decide what they are going to cook. Abhira suggests a South Indian dish. Ruhi says they should cook Rajasthani cuisine. Abhira and Ruhi argue with each other. Arman gets stunned.┬áHe further asks Ruhi and Abhira to decide fast. Ruhi asks Arman to help them decide. Arman asks Ruhi and Abhira to make a fusion of South Indian and Rajasthani cuisine. Abhira and Ruhi argue. Abhira says to Arman that she can’t argue anymore. Ruhi sees Abhira and Arman holding each other. Ruhi decides to hurt her fingers. Arman helps Ruhi. Abhira gets stunned.

Charu looks for the number in the file. She fears that anyone will spot her. Sanjay enters the studyroom. Charu hides. Sanjay sees the file and wonders who has dropped such an old file. Charu hides from Sanjay. 
Ruhi and Abhira cook. Arman asks Ruhi and Abhira if they need any help. Abhira says she can manage. Ruhi asks Arman to help her. Arman looks at Abhira. Abhira does the multi-tasking. Arman decides to help Abhira. Ruhi taunts Abhira. Abhira asks Ruhi to focus on herself, as she doubts her heart is focusing on the wrong thing. Arman looks at Abhira and Ruhi. 

In the upcoming episode, Kaveri’s friends will like the dishes prepared by Abhira. Ruhi will get jealous. She will decide to harm Abhira. Will Arman be able to save Abhira from Ruhi? Keep visiting this space to learn more.