In the latest episode of ‘Yeh Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke’, the garland ceremony starts which Kunal performs very hesitantly while Kuhu is over the moon. Abir goes to Vishambhar who is standing alone and apologizes to him.

Vishambhar asks him to click some pictures and send them to Mishti from his phone. Abir asks for Mishti and wanted to talk but Vishambhar tells him that she is at the airport and is about to leave for Mumbai. This shocks Abir. Nanu informs him that she hasn’t left yet.

Here, Mishti gets the pics from the wedding. She is happy for Kuhu. She feels bad about her own love story with Abir but still hopes to meet Abir again.
Meanwhile, Abir can’t find any driver of the locked cars. So, Nanu asks if he should call a cab. Abhi want to change the story and says every girl has a dream of Prince Charming coming on a white horse and he will fulfill that dream for Mishti. He gets on the horse.

Kuhu who is very happy and thanks everyone for the gift and ask Kunal if he is okay. Kunal vents his anger and leaves. Rajshri ask Meenakshi if there is some problem but Meenakshi says no. Mishti prays that there is a miracle and she gets to meet Abir again. Just then Abir comes there with a horse.

Someone collides with Mishti and her boarding pass falls down. Abir looks for a wallet to buy a ticket but cannot find it. The guard refuses to let him inside. His business card falls down and to pick up the ticket he entered through the gate. The guards ask him to come outside because he wasn’t allowed without a ticket. He tries to convince of them of him not being a threat and that he just wants to stop someone from boarding the flight. He tells them that he has an NGO but they do not listen to him.

Just then, Ellie,an old friend of Abir overhears the conversation and comes in support of Abir’s identity. He mentions Mishti and with the help od Ellie, the guards let him go inside.

Mishti gets her boarding pass back by a staff member. Abir had to stop at the checkpoint. Ellie decided to go inside and check about Mishti’s whereabouts. Abir gets restless ad he started calling her name. The passengers waiting for their flights also started chanting Mishti’s name. Mishti hears her name being called out and runs back.

Now, in the upcoming episode, Mishti And Abeer confess their love while Kunal threatens Meenakshi of dire consequences. Letter and inauspicious event hall the wedding.

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