Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheikh’s chemistry has everyone swooning in love. Their show ‘Yeh Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke’ has been performing exceptionally well on TRP charts.
In the latest episode, Rajvansh house was decorated for the grand wedding of Kuhu and Kunal. Kuhu is all dressed up for her D-Day while Meenakshi helps Kunal to elope the wedding.

Mishti hands over a letter to Jugnu and instructs him to m give it to Abir. She asks Jugnu to tell Abir that he should open the letter after the wedding. Jugnu tries to give the letter to Abir before the wedding but is interrupted when Parul tells about Kunal leaving the Rajvansh House. Abir is shocked.
Abir gets his hand on Kunal’s letter in which he had blamed Mishti. In the letter, Kunal had said that Mishti is wrong and he doesn’t want Mishti to be a part of the family and is thus leaving. He asked to say sorry to Kuhu and that he is leaving not because of Kuhu but because of Mishti.

Here, Mishti’s car gets punctured and she had to wait to leave for the airport while the driver repaired it.
Meanwhile, everyone is worried after Kunal’s stunt. Abir cries while everyone gets worried for Kuhu and Rajvansh family. Shaurya calls and Meenakshi decides to tell the truth but Abir stops her and says the baarat will go there and Kunal will come back.

Here, the driver asks Mishti to step out of the car. She does and sees Kaushal and Atul leaving. She wonders about where they might be going. While Nanu is heartbroken at the news of Kunal eloping. He is worried for Vishambhar and says how they jnow what it feels like, they have faced it when Meenakshi’s husband left her and says Kunal did the same as his father did. He went on his father.

Here, Kuhu unaware of the turbulence is planning her honeymoon with Ananya. She mesaages Kunal but the message doesn’t get delivered. She calls him but his phone is switched off. This leaves Kuhu worried.Abir tells Parul about Kuhu trying to commit suicide when she was rejected initially. He says Meenakshi was strong and courageous and survived when his father left her, but Kuhu isn’t. Parul defends Kunal and says he is nothing like his father. Abir indicates that he believes Meenakshi knows everything. He asks her if there is something she is hiding because aa girl’s life is at stake. Parul contemplates but rememberes Meenakshi’s threats and denies knowing anything. Abir suspects there is something she isn’t sharing.

Now, in the upcoming episode, Abir threatens to expose Meenakshi if Kunal does not reach the mandap on time. Later, Parul unravels a dark secret from the past.
Do you think Kunal and Kuhu will get married? Or Meenakshi will get exposed? What is the truth Parul is hiding?
To know more, keep an eye on this space and till the let’s keep bizzzinnn’!!!!