In the upcoming episode of Star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke, Abir will insist that he and Mishti are destined to be together. Nishant will punch him angrily and Mishti stop him.

Seeing A in her Mehndi, Nishant push her away asking to move and she falls. Abir will hit Nissan for pushing Mishti. Vishamber will ask Mishti to end this chaos, by saying who she want to marry, Nishant or Abir.

Mishti will say Abir, shocking everyone. Mishti will ask Abir to leave and Nishant get relieved. Abir will go out and breaks down. Kunal will cry saying its all his fault and Kuhu will hug him to console. Mishti will cry in her room.

Yashpal, Kunal and Ketki take him to the place where Abir spent with Mishti. Kunal will tell Abir that Mishti would have said no to him because of her family just like he chose him over Mishti. Kunal further make him realize that Mishti and him are alike and no to break down.

Jasmeet cry and tell Nishant not to marry Mishti as she knows Mishti loves Abir and can fight for him. She is scared that Mishti might leave him one day. Nishant will assure her and confess he invited Abir to break his pride and attitude as now its clear Mishti chose him and not Abir.

Meenakshi will ask Parul where everyone is, but Parul does not reply. She will realize they have all gone to Mishti’s house. Meenakshi will be shocked to see Abir’s injury and tell them she will not spare anyone in Maheshwari family.

Abir recite a poem about love conquering hate. Mishti will tell Jasmeet to perform all rituals for their wedding. Rajshri will be concerned and feel Mishti is still in love with Abir.

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