Misthi, from Star Plus’s recent hit drama Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke’, is a woman of wit, love and devotion. She always vouches for the people she loves and respects and tries to make everything smooth for her loved ones. Be it about being a great daughter to her bade papa and bade maa to a good sister to Kuhu, she has always been superb in handling the familial issues.

Now that she is in love with Abir and is going to be a part of his family soon, she has taken the responsibility of preserving her to-be in-law’s happiness. She is relentless and sacrificial when it comes to giving others happiness. In the recent episodes of the show, we saw Meenakshi melt down in front of her and ask for her to rescue Abir from Mehul’s emotional trap.

Mishti will vouch to herself not to let any harm come to Abir or the family because of Mehul. So, in order to collect more information about Mehul and find proofs against him, Mishti will try to do everything quietly without alerting anyone.

Thus, in the upcoming episode we will see Mishti trying to book a cab hiding it from Kuhu and Abir. In the meantime, Abir will hand the responsibility of Gordhana and entertainment to Kuhu for which she will thank him. Meenakshi will be upset about how she is losing control of everything.

On the other hand, Jugnu will try to persuade Yashpal to join Gordhana function. Parul and Kunal will also join Jugnu deciding to celebrate it fully. Nanu will order Parul and Jugnu to decorate the house. Later, Mehul will gift an old watch to Abir saying it as ancestral watch. Mishti receives a call from Abir and will crack a joke. Towards the end of the episode, Abir will get sad about hurting his family while Kuhu will lie to Rajshri on Mishti’s behalf as the latter tries to sneak out.

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