The episode begins with Mishti is in hospital and shows in the reception that she had an appointment with the doctor. They cross-checked it with their records and ask her to wait in the reception. Mishti thinks that Abir is annoyed with her on a silly topic but she shouldn’t annoy him as well.

Meenakshi also reaches the same Hospital where Mishti is and inquiries in the reception about a particular person. Jasmeet asked a staff member of the hospital about Karan Johar being there? the staff informed that he is in room number 11 and his name is Karan Johari, not Karan Johar. Mishti comes there and manages the situation, she asks Jasmeet to settles on the sofa for the time being. Meenakshi is also coming in the same direction when the nurse comes and asks Mishti to get in.

Jasmeet is also going inside with her but the nurses only patient is allowed. Jasmeet goes to find out in another director in the Mumbai hospital. Meenakshi fails to notice both of them there. Mishti goes in and the doctor comes and is checking her eyes. She gets an awkward feeling and asks why are you checking my eyes? The doctor checks Mishti and asks her to breathe properly and diagnosed that she is very beautiful.

Mishti gets angry and is about to snap when the doctor takes off his mask and it is revealed to be Abir. Mishti calls him mad and Abir says you said that you have decked up for the doctor so I have to come as a doctor here. Abir tells Mishti if she is getting ready for someone else than him then he doesn’t like it. Mishti tells him that it is a very cheesy line to say and is about to leave when Abir stops her. He says a patient can go out only when a doctor allows.

In the pandal area, Kuhu and Kunal are taking care of all the elements when Kunal asks Kuhu not to create any miss your as this work is very important for Abir. Kuhu gets annoyed at him and walks out, a person from the NGO comes and asks them to prepare a flower vase as it is not ready yet. Kuhu looks at Kunal and says I am sorry but I can’t help you because if I do so then it will create a mess here. Kunal gets a message from his lawyer and he decides to be nice with Kuhu to get a divorce. He requests Kuhu to help him for decorating the vase.

Kuhu, Kunal and Abir Mishti are spending some nice moments while Abir and Mishti live it for real, Kuhu imagines Kunal being nice to her. Later reality hits her and she gets upset, here Mishti tries to hide from Jasmeet as she is with Abir. Meenakshi and Abir-Mishti have a narrow escape with each other. Meenakshi gets an ID card of a doctor when she hits and misses Abir and meets a stranger and warns him to stay away from her family and gives him some documents to sign. Abir asks Mishti to come at Pandal and she goes there with Jasmeet.

The Mumbai Police branch applauded Abir for arranging a best Ganapati Utsav. All of them enjoys the festival and dances together. Later Mishti tries to settle the score between her and Kunal for the sake of Abir. Kunal confronts her about her relationship with his brother Abir.

Precap – Mishti spots Meenakshi at Mumbai.