The episode begins with Mishti is trying to settle the scores with Kunal and make things normal between them as Abir wants it. Kunal taunts Mishti that after rejecting me, you used this kind of words to trap my birth brother in your love. he says that I always used to think why did you reject me as I am not the that bad guy. Now I understand that your target is always someone else, not me. Mishti gets shocked with his words and she says that you are taking your hatred as your love for your brother. Kunal says yes of course only you know the meaning of true love. He blames her for hating Kuhu all her life. Mishti says that I am sorry but you never get to know what love actually means.

Abir is preparing for the veneration of Ganapati when Kunal comes there. Abir calls Kunal and Kuhu for inaugurating the veneration by offering the God aarti. Kuhu and Kunal both are doing aarti while Kuhu gets suspicious of Kunal’s activities. Misty standing below with her and Abir mobile phone when the latter’s phone rings. She goes out of the crowd to pick the call when Meenakshi arrives at the pandals to get a glimpse of her son there. Meenakshi goes inside and Kunal and Abir but none of them can see her there. On the other side, Mishti picks up the call and it was from Yashpal.

Yashpal informs her that Abir didn’t tell him about this trip in advance hence he is not able to attend it. He says Abir Kunal and Meenakshi nobody is at home so they have some freedom. Misty was talking on the phone when she noticed Meenakshi is passing by. She gets shocked and rechecked with Yashpal confirm that Meenakshi informed in the house that she is going to Ahmedabad. Misty finds it awkward but before she can tell about it to Abir, he takes her inside. Kunal watches them coming and decides not to let them do the aarti together. He asked Jasmeet to make a video of him and Kuhu together, Kuhu finds it more unlikely.

Later on Kunal in a way you behave like a good son-in-law in front of the family members as directed by his lawyer offered a voucher to Jasmeet. He also makes sure that she had evidence of him handling her this voucher for refreshment. Abir is in pandal where he is recalling his childhood memories and missing his father. He tells to the idol that this place always reminds him of his father, he is sure one day he will meet his father and Ganapati will be the mediator. Kuhu confronts Kunal about his overnight changed behaviour and attitude for her. Kunal covers it up by saying that he is obliged to do all this because of the blackmailing done by Kuhu.

In the night time, Jasmeet and Abir come to his room when he is shocked to see the decorations of his hotel room and the ambience is romantic. Abir notices the shoes of Mishti and he understands the whole matter. He made a silly excuse to Jasmeet to prevent her from using his toilet as Mishti is hiding inside. Jasmeet leaves his room while Mishti burst out laughing.

Suddenly by mistake the shower starts and Mishti gets drenched, Abir made fun of her when she drags into the shower as well. Both of them shares a very cosy and romantic moment with each other. Mishti and Abir gets close and hugged and gets lost in each other’s eyes.

Precap – Kunal and Mishti are at loggerheads due to a dispute happened in the pandal.



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