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Today’s episode starts with Mishti saying Abir. Abir asks the driver to drive fast. Mishti thinks she tried to make Meenakshi learn that love binds family but she failed to make her understand. Meenakshi runs behind Mishbir’s car. Mishti asks the driver to stop the car. A vehicle about to hit Meenakshi, Abir saves her. Meenakshi urges Mishti and Abir to stay back. She says she learned what is important for the family. She apologizes to Mishti. Mishti than discloses that she planned drama to make everyone understand that love makes the ‘rishtey’ not money or property. Meenakshi says she wants Abir and Kunal both with her not because she wants to own them but she needs them. She says she is guilty in real. Abir don’t react and reads Meenakshi.

Meenakshi says to Mishbir whether they stay with her or not but she will always bless them. Nidhi says when everything is fine than why she is asking Mishti and Abir to leave. Mishti says they are not going anywhere. She says their baby will rise in the family. Abir leaves the place saying none can do good drama other than Meenakshi. Meenakshi urges Abir to believe her. Mishti says she will sort this matter too.

Other side, Kuhu asks Jasmeet to help her as she wants to return to Kunal. Jasmeet says Mishti walked out from the house thus she can rule the Rajvansh’s. Kuhu decides to agree whatever Jasmeet is saying for time being. Jasmeet thinks to cross check first whether Mishti and Abir left or not.

Abir asks Kunal to unpack the boxes. Mishti asks Abir if anything special he wants for the lunch. Abir says nothing is special today. Meenakshi decides to prepare good food for Abir and Kunal both. Mishti and Kunal decides to pacify Abir

Rajvansh to console Abir performs a dance. Song ‘ Ae Dil Laya Hai Bahar’ plays in the background. Nidhi on video call shows to Kuhu about the celebration. Varsha takes the mobile from Kuhu. Kuhu thinks Mishti is good and she would have praised her if Varsha wouldn’t have taken the mobile from her.

Abir don’t like the dance and excuses himself from there. Meenakshi gets upset seeing Abir’s behavior. Abir on call discuss about NGO plans. Mishti comes to Abir and says to him that he can get angry on her for hurting her with her plan. She asked Abir to accompany her.

Other side, Meenakshi apologizes to Parul. Parul gets teary. Meenakshi hugs her. Abir and Mishti watch the duo from the far. Abir tells to Mishti, Meenakshi is doing drama and faking it by being normal. He says whenever she will get first chance; she will do what she wants to. He says the house will break one day. Mishti stands stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kuhu goes missing.