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Today’s episode starts with nurse saying to doctor that patient health is worsening. Doctor asks Rajvansh’s to decide fast. Kuhu calls Kunal. Kunal along with the family meets Kuhu. Kuhu says she knows her health is deteriorating and asks Abir to choose baby over her. Kuhu says she has always started doing many things excitedly but leaves mid way. She adds but she wants to complete this project of her life as it is the best of all. Kuhu asks to choose baby. Mishti comes and says no. She asks doctor to safe Kuhu first. Meenakshi supports Mishti and asks doctor to safe Kuhu. Kuhu asks Mishti if she is mad. Doctor asks Mishti if she is baby’s mother.

Mishti says she don’t know whether she will be able to become mother or not but Kuhu is her sister and her life is important. Rajvansh’s gets teary. Mishti hugs Kuhu. Ahead, Kuhu is operated. Abir, Mishti and others wait. Abir keeps his hope alive. Doctor comes Mishti ask if Kuhu is fine.

Doctor says kuhu is alright. Nidhi says than baby. Parul stops her. Doctor says both Kuhu and baby are fine. Rajvansh’s rejoice. Abir and Mishti hug everyone. Doctor says in her whole career she hasn’t seen a family like them who is not asking its baby girl or boy. Meenakshi says baby is fine and that matters a lot. Doctor says but is a baby boy. Abir hugs Kunal. He hugs Meenakshi and then feels sad.

Kunal asks if they can see Kuhu. Nishi says and baby. Doctor says sure they can meet baby. She further asks Abir and Mishti to stay back. Doctor tells to them that baby is immature thus they have to keep him back at the hospital. She asks them to hope for the best.

Later, Kuhu gets teary thinking Mishti saved her instead of baby. Mishti and Kuhu hug each other. Kuhu apologize to Mishti and asks her to take her to the baby. Mishti tells baby is immature thus they can’t meet him now. Meenakshi and Varsha apologize to Kuhu for their behavior too.

Doctor asks Misbir to see baby. Mishti gets teary seeing the baby. Abir pacifies her. Meenakshi comes and Mishti asks her to see the baby. Meenakshi gets teary seeing the baby. She says he is looking like Abir. Abir excuses himself from there. Meenakshi gets upset. Mishti supports her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mishti rushes to the hospital. Abir tells her baby is not well.