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Today’s episode starts with Abir seeing Mishti’s picture. He further calls someone and starts his investigation for finding about the guy whom Mishti hit. There, Kuhu goes to Mishti and apologizes her for her behavior. She tries to trap Mishti in her words.

Other side, Varun shares a talk with her mother and gets upset remembering his brother. Here, Abir’s search almost comes to an end but he gets interrupted. Meanwhile, Varun unintentionally puts colors on Mishti and Mishti runs to her room and acts weirdly. Abir learns about Mishti and runs behind her.

Kuhu asks Mishti to come out from the washroom. Abir asks Kuhu to stand aside and asks Mishti to come out from the washroom. Mishti comes and Abir asks Kuhu to leave the room. Mishti cries saying she ruined everything again. Abir consoles her.

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There, Meenakshi gets angry at Mishti. Parul defends Mishti. Kuhu comes and Meenakshi asks her if Mishti revealed anything. Afterwards, Kuhu and Meenakshi comes to a conclusion that Mishti wants to stay separately from the house thus behaving weirdly. Meenakshi says she won’t let Abir leave the house with Mishti. She asks Kuhu to keep an eye on both.

Ahead, Abir self talks and gets restless thinking about MIshti. He prays to God for Mishti’s happiness. Mishti comes from behind and gives string to Abir. She shares a talk with Abir and tries to cheer Abir’s mood.

Mishti apologizes Kuhu for her behavior. Kuhu insists  Mishti to tell her what secret she is hiding. Mishti excuses herself. There, Parul comes to Abir and asks him if MIshti is fine. She further gives a letter to Abir. Abir stands shocked reading the letter that reads the unknown person knows Mishti’s truth. Abir gets restless reading the letter. Parul asks Abir if he is fine. Abir avoid Parul. Meanwhile, Mishti welcomes Varun and discloses to Rajvansh’s that she called him. She shares a talk with Varun. Episode ends with Meenakshi taunting Abir and says that he can easily get best husband award.

Precap: Abir learns that the boy was Varun’s big brother.