Today’s episode starts with Ketki accusing Abir that she know he don’t want to attend her function thus going away. Abir stands shocked. Parul cover the talk and tells to Ketki that when she was about to take a birth Abir and Kunal prayed to God to give them a sister. Abir says and at that time they didn’t know they have to send her away one day. Ketki asks Abir if he regret about his prayers now. Meenakshi interrupts Abir and Ketki’s argument and asks Rajvansh’s to make arrangements for Ketki’s function. She further thinks meanwhile she will get a time to reach to Abir and Mishti’s secret.

There, at Varun’s house his mother misses Karan. She says to Varun that they will take Karan’s picture with them too. Varun agrees.

Here, Meenakshi asks Abir not to leave the house. Abir asks Meenakshi if he can promise her that she will never accuse Mishti for anything. Meenakshi stands speechless. Abir says he know it will be difficult for her. Later, Abir to cheer Mishti sends her balloon and showers rose petals on her.

Further, Mishti arranges the auspicious plate for Ketki’s function. Nidhi and Parul praise her. Ahead, Ketki and Varun’s function starts. Varun further gives a shock to Abir showing Karan’s picture to Rajvansh and asks him to let him keep his picture with him. Abir gets restless and thinks to remove Karan’s picture. He switches-ON the fan and Karan’s picture breaks. 

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