In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Mishti will reminisce her time with Abir holding a bangle given by him. Varsha will come and make her wear the new bangles she bought and by mistake puts Abir’s bangle too. Sangeeta ceremony will start and everyone dance happily. Mishti will think she made right decision seeing her family happy.

Kuhu will meet Abir and Kunal outside Maheshwari house and give them bag asking them to change and hurry. Ketki will arrive bringing a bag and Kuhu will distribute headphones to all asking them to wear it for next performance. Abir and Kunal enter in disguise and perform with family.

Meenakshi will bring lunch to Park obtaining special permission. Parul will ask her why she did it. Meenakshi will tell her she is helping her by making Abir marry a girl of her choice as she knows Abir loves her more than his own mother. Parul will refuse and plead with her not to do this as she is ready to rot in jail. Meenakshi will be adamant to get Abir marry by evening to keep Mishti away.

Realizing its Abir, Mishti will take him aside asking him to leave. Abir threaten her to speak to him for few minutes else he will go in front of Vishamber. Mishti will inform Nishant she is going out and will meet Abir in anger. Abir will apologize and ask for her help. Mishti will refuse to listen and tell him to let her move on. She will advice him not to listen to his heart but do what is right and leave. Abir will reach a decision.