In the upcoming episode of Star Plus one of the most popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Abir will calm Mishti down.Kuhu will be annoyed with Mishti while Ketki will decide to go to Abir and Mishti’s room to give her good news.Meenakshi will stop her saying its her right to check on her daughter in law if she is unwell.Mishti will realize its very late and about to bring  Abir down but Meenakshi will come there and taunt Mishti that she forgot the ways of the house after staying away from house.Abir will defend her.Kaushal will come and tell them Ketki ran away with Varun.Abir and Mishti will be confused who Varun is.Kuhu will come with Ketki and tell Abir its Ketki’s fiance.Abir and Mishti are shocked but Mishti is happy for her.

Abir and Meenakshi will get into a big argument for not informing him before.Abir will get upset with the family for hiding such a big news.He will get further upset that Kunal who was also away knew it but not him.Abir will take Ketki away and ask why she didn’t inform him.He will be relieved to know Ketki likes the guy and happy.

Mishti will cry in her room for keeping Abir away from house because of her.Kuhu will come there and taunt her for being selfish.She will throw a fit and insult Mishti.Nidhi will receive a call from Varun family.They want to keep a function and fix marriage date today.Abir will tell the family that Mishti and him will arrange and organize this function.

Kuhu will get jealous and start throwing a fit again by insulting Mishti and complaining that she is stealing her responsibility and happiness.When things go out of hand Abir will lose his temper and ask Kuhu in front of family why she spiked his drink on Shivratri.Mishti will walk out feeling devastated by Kuhu’s accusations while everyone is arguing.

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