In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Meenakshi will enquire Abir where he was last night. Abir will give an excuse and he and Kunal leave. Meenakshi will tell Parul that they are not fine and wonder Kunal had not told her about Nishant. Nishant will be pampered by Jasmeet and Rajshri while he talk cheerfully to them. Parul will bring milkshake to Abir and Kunal. Abir ask Kunal to talk to her but he look away denying milkshake.

Mishti will worry about Kunal and check with Kuhu,  who will ask her why she is worried about Kunal after what happened to Nishant and ask if she don’t love Abir anymore. Abir will reassure himself that Mishti will never use an information against someone and decide to find out her reason for telling Kunal. Mishti will share her worry to lord Krishna and find her locket in the ground. Abir will message her that they should meet and she will get happy thinking Abir must have taken the locket back from the lake. She will be sure that Abir was forced by Meenakshi to breakup with her.

Mishti will later tell Nishant that it was Kunal who spiked his drink as per his mom instructions. Abir will wait for Mishti then decide to go near her house to check out. Mishti will tell Nishant about her mistake of telling Kunal about a truth he should nt have known. Nishant will get angry on Kunal while Mishti try to reason with him. Abir will hear half of what Mishti said and misunderstand her,  thinking she did it on purpose and not even feeling guilty.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for updates.