In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , Jugnu will ask permission from Meenakshi to go to Maheshwari house to assist Kuhu. Meenakshi will give him a no limit credit card and ask him to inform Kuhu that she will bear this event’s expenses. Jugnu goto Maheshwari house and inform them he came to help Kuhu.

Abir will sit near a tea shop disturbed by Mishti’s thoughts. He will be shocked to see Parul meeting Mishti. Parul will hold her hands and apologize to Mishti for speaking rudely last time. Abir will misunderstand and yell at Mishti to stay away from him family. Mishti will leave angrily. Parul will be sad that Abir din’t let her speak to Mishti to clear her doubt’s.

Abir will go to hospital to get medicines for Nanu and overhear Nishant talking to doctor about alcohol being in his drink was an accident as he has been clean for ten years. Kuhu will find Mishti crying in her room and ask her to leave Abir and move on and be happy for Nishant sake.

Abir will later drop Nishant at home as his car will break down. Mishti will pack all the gifts and memories in a pouch and keep it aside. Kuhu will confront Abir and tell him to stop hurting Mishti as he was the one who broke up with her. In anger she will blurt out to ask Kunal why he spiked her brother’s drink just because his mom asked him to. Abir will be stunned and realise maybe he made a mistake in understanding her.

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