In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,Mishti will drive Jasmeet for Nannu’s surprise.Jasmeet will get happy to reach her favorite designer shop and Nishant will tell her to shop to her heart’s content.Mishti will go to park car.

Meenakshi will come there and taunt Jasmeet and Nishant about Mishti’s broken relationships and ask them not to wait too much to get married as her Abir will not accept defeat.Nishant will reply with sarcasm.Nishant will call and invite Abir for the Mehendi ceremony to see that Mishti has truly moved on.

Abir will take it as challenge and accept invite.Kunal however will doubt if Nishant is laying a trap for Abir.Abir will assure Kunal nd tell him he is going.Kuhu will worry if Kunal and Abir are planning something again and ask them.Abir will refuse to tell her as he don’t want her to lie for him.Kuhu will hesitantly agree as she don’t want Nishant to be in loveless marriage.

Jasmeet will worry if Abir will come again and spoil function.Varsha will reassure her.Mishti will find herself looking at the doorway.Yashpal,Kunal and Ketki arrive and the mehendi ceremony start.Mishti will dream of Abir coming and writing A in her Mehndi.Servant will inform Rajshri someone is waiting for her outside.She will be shocked to see Abir and fall down on his knees begging for her forgiveness.

Rajshri will cry but tell Abir its too late now.Abir will see a short circuited wire running inside house and rush inside.He quickly pull away Mishti falling down.The cloth where Mehndi was happening catches fire and Nishant put it off.Abir will leave but Vishamber accuse him.

Nishant will angrily tell Vishamber that Abir think he is not a. perfect match for Mishti.Nishant will push Abir and Mishti tell him he Was leaving.Abir will instead apologize for all his fault and tell her their jodi is made by God.

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