In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Vishamber sternly ask Kunal why he brought Abir here. When Abir interrupt he tell Kunal he don’t have to talk to Kuhu’s employee.

Jasmeet too question Kunal. Vishamber clearly state there is no need for dol in Mishti’s marriage. Mishti open the door and ask Abir to leave since the function is over now.

Abir leave and Kuhu take Kunal out. Nishant meet Abir and the two have a conversation about how precious Mishti is and Nishant tell Abir that he don’t deserve her. Mishti will take Nishant inside,  stating she don’t care if Abir is there or not there.

Jasmeet get angry while Vishamber is upset. Mishti will assure him she moved on and do not care what Abir does anymore. Yashpal ignore Meenakshi and does not let anyone help her even when she cut her finger while cleaning.

Yashpal stop Parul and reason with her that Meenakshi has hurt this family and has no right to force Abir to sacrifice and tell her even she has a part in this. Parul will be guilty.

Later Kuhu confront Kunal for bringing Abir there and for stopping her real Dol guys with double payment. She will ask him not to hurt her family anymore.

Abir will come there and request Kuhu to understand. Kuhu angrily blurt out that Nishant loves Mishti although she doesn’t. Abir will request Kuhu to help him to meet with Mishti so he can apologize. He will keep insisting to Kuhu to give him a second chance in his love.

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