In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, The Maheshwaris will leave for temple for mauli Pooja and Nishant will praise Mishti for suggesting a different temple and lifting the family’s mood.

Abir and Parul will pray in the temple. Parul will tell Abir that she will do Parikrama for him and Mishti. By coincidence Abir and Mishti will hit on the temple bell at the sametime and is surprised.

Abir will see the entire family and tell them he wasn’t aware they are coming and leave. Nishant and Mishti perform Pooja and tie threads in Each other hands.

Mrs. Parekh sees the family and mock about Mishti finding another scapegoat. She will taunt about Mishti’s previous broken relationship and ask why would anyone want to marry a girl like her as her previous relationship broke after engagement and within few months she is getting married again.

Mishti will ask what about her son’s life but Varsha ask her not to say anything.

Abir will defend Mishti saying she was brave enough to put the condition of premarital courtship through which she understood Kunal isn’t right for her and Now Kunal got an amazing girl like Kuhu as his wife and got a bro. He will further tell her had his family done a proper background check they would have found about her son’s marriage. He will also praise Nishant and finally accept that he made a big mistake by leaving her.

Parul will try to explain but Vishamber ask the family to leave.

Parul will tell Abir to tell the truth to Mishti as its her right. The family will leave while Kuhu ask Nishant to bring Mishti home.

Abir will try to tell Mishti the reason but she leaves without hearing it. Her holy thread fall down by mistake. Nishant will confront Abir to back off and Abir blurt out the real reason behind his break up and ask Nishant to tell Mishti the truth.

Abir will promise Nishant that if Mishti still chose him after hearing truth, he will never come in their life. Nishant will later go to Mishti.

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