In the upcoming episode of Star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,Abir will ask Kunal if Meenakshi forced him to go for the party. He will advice Kunal to do what he wants and not listen to what others want from him.

Vishamber will ask Mishti about the wounds but Mishti will lie that it came from saving someone.She will later worry what will happen if he find out the truth that she still love Abir. Abir will send Jugnu to leave air balloons near Mishti’s balcony. He will instruct Jugnu on phone while Jugnu struggle to hide.

Abir will send a thanks message to Mishti so Jugnu can run away without being noticed. Mishti will be irked to see his 4 word message but replies thanks.She will get happy seeing the balloons in balcony.

Meenakshi will tell Kunal she don’t trust him as he lied to her.Kunal will plead with her to believe him and promise to do as she says.Meenakshi will give him an alcohol bottle to mix it with Nishant’s drink.She will tell him that she wants to know Nishant’s truth.When Kunal will try to refuse,she does emotional blackmail and he eventually agree.

Nishant will start feeling uneasy whenever Mishti talks about Abir.Jugnu will show the pic of Mishti smiling at the balloons and Abir become overjoyed.He will dance with Nanu and Meenakshi will be sure that its because of Mishti.

At the party, Mishti will be brought down blindfolded.She will get delighted to see the décor and thank Kuhu for her great job. Kuhu will avoid talking to Kunal. Kunal will struggle himself with whether to obey his mother or do what is right.

Eventually he will mix it with a drink. Parul will tell Abir that Kunal has forgotten to take the gift and if he could go there and call Kunal,he will take it. Abir will promise her that he will. Kunal will hand over the spiked drink to Nishant when he coughs.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for updates.