In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Kunal will be surprised to see the decorations and hashtag welcome.He will suspect Kuhu is here. Abir will be jealous to see the way Nannu and Mishti talk to each other.He will later complain to Kunal about how Mishti and Nishant flirt with eachother and not bothered about work. Kunal will ask if he want to leave but Abir will tell him work is important. Later they will see Kuhu who is the event manager of this offsite meeting. Kunal will be annoyed she didn’t inform him. Nannu will tell Abir and Kunal he has a surprise for Mishti.

Nanu will tell Meenakshi that Abir and Kunal have gone to offsite meeting. He will tell her that he insisted Abir to go as tomorrow is Mishti’s birthday and he don’t want him at home feeling sad.Meenakshi will wonder if she came back. Lakshman will spy at the Maheshwaris pretending to be courier guy and misunderstand Rajshri telling Vishamber that Mishti is not here.He message Meenakshi that Mishti has come back.

Nannu will tell Kuhu and Kunal that these two days is a gift from him for their marriage.He will inform them about Mishti birthday and he planned a surprise. Mishti will go to Abir’s room mistaking it for her room 9.Soon they will realize the mix up and she leave saying she don’t care what he thinks of her anymore.At the bonfire Nannu will inform Abir and others they are going to celebrate Mishti’s birthday.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for more spoilers.