From lighting diyas, doing Laxmi Puja and eating mithai, Rajan Shahi’s YRHPK cast share their Diwali plans.


Rupal Patel 

My Diwali plans from many years have remained the same. We pray for everyone’s happiness, goodness and safety. I celebrate Diwali every year with my family and I enjoy it. The significance of Diwali for me is that this is the festival of lights, hope, happiness, unity, new beginnings and positivity.


Ritvik Arora 

Diwali for everyone is the festival to be with your family. Many people on our sets also are going to their respective hometown. The essence of Diwali is celebrating the festival with your family. It signifies the return of Lord Ram returning to Ayodhya after killing evil. We all know the history. I will be celebrating it with my family but there is one thing which I am focusing on and that is not to burn crackers. I am a Delhi guy and it’s a big fad over there to burn crackers but I am containing my excitement and not burning crackers this year so that I can contribute towards a much greener and cleaner environment. I urge people to do the same as Diwali is the festival of lights and happiness and not the festival of crackers.


Kaveri Priyam

I am going to celebrate Diwali with my family and friends. I am going to celebrate Diwali after 2 years with my family, so it is going to a very special Diwali for me. The significance of Diwali to me is that it brings a lot of positivity and happiness around me. The whole festival is about lighting diyas and spreading happiness rather than burning crackers and creating noise and sound pollution. Animals face a lot because of this, so we should think about them. I will do Laxmi pooja, then make rangoli, light up lanterns and eat good food and sweets. My Diwali will be peaceful and colourful.


Soniya Kaur

My plan for Diwali is that I have taken an off for 3 days where I will be visiting my hometown to celebrate the festival. Diwali has been my all-time favourite festival. On Diwali, I do Laxmi Pooja with my whole family and this is the happiest and most emotional festival for me because it is the only time in the whole year when I come home. Other than that, I light up diyas and eat a lot of sweets. Most importantly, I don’t burn crackers and I would even suggest everyone to not do it so that we can live in a pollution-free environment.

Sangeeta Kapure

I’m all set for Diwali. I have bought a lot of lights, candles, clothes, only sweets are left to buy, rest everything has been done. I like making rangoli at home as it makes the house look more beautiful. My gang of friends and family will celebrate Diwali with me. First, we do Laxmi pooja at home and then play cards as a ritual. I might attend house parties at some of my close friends’ place. For me, Diwali is the festival of lights and lots of happiness. This festival gives me so much positivity. And yes, of course, I eat a lot of sweets and food. I would specially request everyone to avoid burning crackers so that we can have a safe and pollution-free Diwali. The noise and air pollution harm not only us but the poor animals as well. Happy Diwali to everyone who loves me.