In the upcoming episode of Star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Meenakshi will tell Vishamber that Mishti has hurt her family and has tried to break the bond of her sons. She will warn that if Mishti becomes Abir’s wife, she will see how a mother in law can be.

Vishamber will be disturbed after Meenakshi declaration and dint realize car coming behind him inspite of horns. Abir will run towards him but public will save him on time.

Nannu will be questioned by the women in the house about truth behind Mishti and his relationship. Nannu will dodge Jasmeet questions and tell them she is special to him and will not let anyone hurt her. Vishamber will hear this.

Mishti will steal Jugnu uniform and get inside Abir’s room. She will find her paper birds and get happy confirming he still love her. Kuhu will find Kunal in balcony and call him to her side of balcony where she has decorated for a small picnic. She will share her experience with Kunal when she learned that Varsha was not her real mom and she was an illegitimate child of her father.

Kunal will regret ruining her life and will feel all this is a punishment for his deeds. Kuhu will make him understand that Mishti must have  told him in the truth only because he attacked Nishant who is very close to Mishti.

Abir will console Parul and sees Jugnu again without uniform. Mishti will run opening gates and Abir follow her only to find her gone. He will think he must have imagined as she moved on. Vishamber will play word association game with Nannu in an attempt to know what is in his heart.

To know more keep watching show and stay tuned for updates.