With lots of issues running aside Kunal and Kuhu’s troublesome relationship, Abir’s alliance with Mishti is just keeping the duo more apart than ever. On one side Kunal is always grumpy and aggressive, and on the other side Kuhu has decided to take Karwachhauth’s fast.

In the upcoming episode, the focus will be on highlighting the celebrations around the auspicious festival of Karwachhauth in Star Plus’s Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke. Apart from that, Mishti keeps on digging about Mehul’s truth. The spicy news here is that Mehul might soon be suspecting of someone trying to find out about him in the coming episode. As Mishti goes on to search answers to her doubts regarding Mehul, at the exact time, Mehul will also arrive at the Mandir. Mishti sees him right away and thus hides afar so he wouldn’t locate her.

However, Mehul will learn that someone was inquiring about him as the person at the Mandir will tell him off about a girl trying to find out facts about him. In the Maheshwari house, Rajvansh family will arrive for the function and they will bless Kuhu.

Varsha will ask about Kunal, Meenakshi will tell that he will come after finishing his work at office. So Kuhu keeps on waiting for him to return home and break her fast. But will he arrive in time to fulfill his duties or will he intentionally avoid it?

It looks like Kuhu is up for a huge disappointment and the couple will go on to fight more in the coming days. The spoilers from the sets also suggest that Mishti on the other hand will fall unconscious while performing the ritual. Hope Abir will be there to take care of her.

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