In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Kunal will struggle with what is right and what is mother expect him to do. Atlast he will follow Abir’s advice and take the mocktail glass from Nishant and give him water instead. Abir will message Kunal to come outside and hand over the gift. He will final Kunal stressed. Nishant will try to share his feelings with Mishti but she will want meet Abir at his house before her birthday get over. She will give the spiked mocktail glass to Nissan and leave hurriedly.

Kuhu will rush out and ask Kunal to drive her to hospital as Nishant started having seizures. Kunal will be shocked to learn Nishant was an addict. They rush to being doctor as they couldn’t move Nishant.

Abir will ask Parul if his mom is playing games again with Kunal as he seemed very stressed. Parul will reply no. Abir will tell her they should protect Kunal from his mom’s ill games by telling the truth themselves. Parul will panic.

Abir will reason with her that his sacrifice has anyway gone to waste if his mom is still manipulating Kunal for her benefit. He will assure her that he will always be there with Kunal and Parul finally agree.

Nishant’s condition will go worse and Kunal will feel scared and guilty. They will wonder how did alcohol appear in their party. Kuhu will tell doctor there was no alcohol at home. Doctor will tell them to wait until he gets the report. Kunal will scold Kuhu why she didn’t tell him about Nishant’s addiction before.

Kuhu will yell at him it was ten years ago and he had never touched alcohol ever since. Kunal will blurt out he spiked his drink. Mishti will overhear it. She will ask Kunal to tell what he mixed.

Kuhu will tell doctor it was whisky and lie like Mishti said and says that Mishti and Kunal are finding out who did it. Mishti will ask Kunal  why he did it and Nishant life would have been in danger since his medicines and alcohol would cause reactions within his body.

Kunal would confess because his mom wanted to know truth about their relationship. Mishti will get angry and call him his mother’s puppet and tell him the truth he is Parul’s son leaving him shocked.

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