Star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is gearing up for a major twist in track,now that Mishti blurt out Kunal’s parentage to him in anger.

In the upcoming episode Abir will be shocked to find Kunal in front of his car and ask him if their mom is not his. Kunal will look shattered and reveal after Abir’s insistence that Mishti told him. Kunal will tell him that mother hates him and that is why make him do things. Kunal will ride his bike in rage going too fast and Abir will follow him.

Mishti will feel guilty for bringing nishant into her troubles knowing well about Meenakshi. She will also realize her mistake of telling Kunal truth. She will try calling Abir.


Kunal will meet with an accident and fall off near a cliff holding onto a tree branch. Abir will convince him and rescue him. He will slap Kunal not to do this again and tell him he will always be his brother. Nishant will regain consciousness and Mishti will get happy.

Kunal and Abir will sit in the park. Abir will assure him nothing has changed and even though their mother is controlling,she still love both of them equally. Kunal will tell him he is an illegitimate child and will always be a reminder of Mehul’s betrayal.


Jugnu will inform Parul and Meenakshi that both Kunal and Abir hasn’t returned home last night. Parul will worry as she know Abir would have told him truth.

Meenakshi will think if he has learnt Nishant’s truth. Abhi and Kunal will reach him and Kunal tell him bed needs time and not to disclose he knows truth.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for updates.