Star Plus aired the first Mahaepisode of ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’, the new lovebirds Abir and Mishti share light moments and Mishti opens her heart in front of Abir. She tells him that she never imagined a guy like Abir can exist or that her prince charming fairy-tale will ever come true.
Nidhi panics Kuhu about the fire in the gatbandhan but Parul fixes it. Abir apologizes to Mishti on behalf of his mother. He says she can see anyone’s mistake but not her own son’s. Abir decides to take Mishti back home. Inspite of her reluctance he assures her.
Kuhu and Kunal perform and complete marriage rituals. Abir gifts Mishti a glass pendant and ask her to trust herself and promises to always be with her.
Everyone sing and dance. Kuhu imagines herself dancing with Kunal. Rajshri cries remembering Mishti when Mishti return with Abir.
Abir handles the situation by saying that Mishti wanted to tell everyone the reason of why she did what she did but also didn’t want to steal thunder of Kuhu and Kunal’s big day Mishti asks for one chance to rectify her mistake.
Kunal argues with Meenakshi about why Mishti is still here and why he has to get married.Varsha saus she knows he is worried about Mishti coming back and doesn’t like her. She asks him to understand that she is her daughter. Rajshri agrees and ask Kunal to not spoil his mood. Varsha asks him to return for Kuhu.
Later, Mishti tricks Abir on getting a shoe of Kunal. Everyone is happy but Kunal suddenly yells asking everyone to stop. Abir is disappointed with Kunal’s behaviour but Rajshri handles the situation gracefully. Abir asks Kunal if there is any problem but Kunal diverts the situation.
Later, Ketki asks Meenakshi to plan something for Kuhu’s entrance. Meenakshi says she has something in her mind. Everyone poses for picture later and Jasmeet asks Mishti to stand somewhere else. Mishti goes behind. Abir comes and hold her hand. Later, Kuhu bids adieu to her family and asks Mishti to take care of everyone. In a surprising event Kunal goes and ask Nidhi for the money of Juta Churai and gives it to Mishti promising to start the resolution of all conflicts. He interrupts her while she is talking and hugs her surprising everyone. As Kunal hugs Mishti he whispers to her that she should save the money he just gave because Kuhu will need it when she comes back after the marriage fails. This leaves Mishti stunned and she wonders what he meant as he and Kuhu walk away.

Now, in the upcoming episode viewers’ will see Vishambhar makes an unexpected announcement regarding Mishti while Rajshri asks her for a favour. Later, Kuhu feels shattered when Kunal ask for a divorce.

What will happen now? On a scale of 1-10 how high voltage track will be for viewing in your opinion?
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