In the latest episode of ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’, when baarat gets late Kuhu and the Maheshwari family get worried. Jasmeet has a feeling that something is wrong and says she can’t trust Meenakshi. Kuhu’s tells that Kunal’s phone is switched off.

Parul confronts Meenakshi on even after Mishti completing every wish of hers, why did Meenakshi let Kunal run away. She beg her to not ruin Kuhu’s life. Yashpal tells Devika to pick up call when Kuhu start calling Devika. On call, they distract Kuhu and make an excuse of Kunal taking extra time to get ready to match up with Kunal. Kuhu feels relieved. Parul order Maaenakshi to call and bring Kunal back. Meenakshi hits back saying its is necessary break the pride to of someone who dare to insut the son of the Maheshwari family. As she turns to walk away she finds Abeer standing and hearing every word of hers.

Abir discloses and thanks Parul for helping him and dares Meenakshi that if Kunal doesn’t come back in fifteen minutes, he would disclose her truth in front of everyone.

Mishti sees Abir as her car is driving away. She stops the car and call Abir but doesn’t find him. Meenakshi asks Parul to help her handle Abir. Parul in return agrees but put forth a condition and asks her to bring Kunal back.

Meenakshi disagrees but Parul remids that its a sin she is letting Kunal commit. He is doing things just like his father. When Meenakshi doesn’t budge, Parul reminds him of Abir’s threat.

Parul says if Kuhu is illegitimate and Kunal is too and she will openly admit that Kunal is her son in front of everyone. Abir calls Meenakshi and tell her that if she doesn’t call Kunal back then he will leave the house and tell everyone about her truth. Google Sabhi and he lies to her about the procession. He asks Kaushal and Atul to help him.

Now in the upcoming episode, Meenakshi blackmails Kunal into getting married. Later Abir berates him for his cowardice while the marriage procession arrive at Maheshwari house.

The truth of Meenakshi is finally out in front of Abir. What do you think will happen now? Will Kuhu and Kunal get married? Will Abir be able to stop Mishti from going away?
Tell us your predictions until then let get bizzziiinnn’!!!!!