In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,Parul will be arrested and taken away inspite of her pleading with Meenakshi that the charges are fake. Meenakshi will inform Yashpal that its non bailablewarrant. Kunal will go with Yashpal to the police station.

Abir will ask Meenakshi what is her demand and that she is doing wrong with Parul who has been loyalto her all these years. Meenakshi will claim it is because of Mishti she is now forced to send Parul to jail.She will blame Mishti for running Ketki’s alliance,bringing Mehul and for telling Kunal truth about his birth.

Abir will defend Mishti as she had saved Ketki, sent Mehul to jail and Kunal has now stopped being manipulated and got back is individuality. He argue Mishti was the one who has been wronged. Meenakshi will refuse to listen and issues an ultimatum that he will get married this evening with a girl of her choice and has informed marriage registrar else Parul will rot in jail. Abir will be stunned.

Mishti will tell Kuhu she knows Abir won’t come and that she will never wait for him anymore or wait to love him. Nishant will come there and before Mishti could tell him truth Kuhu lies then rush home.Kunal will try to make police understand charges are fake but to no use.Abir comes and tell Kunal and Nanu about Meenakshi’s condition. Parul will speak to Abir and tell him not to agree to anything Meenakshi might demand for her sake.She will ask him to swear on her not to lose Mishti. Abir will promise her to set things right.

Nanu will tell Abir Parul can be released only if Meenakshi withdraw complaint. Abir will tell Nanu this time he will take a decision only after speaking to Mishti. Later Kuhu scold Abir for not turning up. Ketki will tell Kuhu what happened and they overhear Kunal pleading with Meenakshi not to force Abir for marriage. Kuhu will agree to help Abir meet Mishti.

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