After three months of lockdown,the shooting of star plus one of the most popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke will be aired today.In the upcoming episode it will be shown that the Rajvansh family will be preparing for some festivity and Abir will miss Kunal.Kuhu will ask Abir to close his eyes for surprise.He will then be delighted to see Meenakshi bringing a pregnant Mishti down the stairs.Everyone will be happy and Mishti lays her head on Abir with a smile when he will sit down next to her.

Suddenly the lights go off and Mishti will get panicked.She will then wake up from dream and lock herself in another room.Abir will try to calm her down.Mishti will feel guilty for the mistake she made three months ago due to which they both are away from family for three months.

Kuhu will miss Kunal,who was away due to work.She will further be annoyed that Mishti has been enjoying honeymoon for three months while she is alone without Kunal.Meenakshi will be worried thinking about Abir’s call three months ago saying that he and Mishti can’t come back due to NGO work.Ketki will tell her mom that she want to inform Abir that her wedding is fixed.Nidhi will refuse as Meenakshi had told everyone not to contact Abir.

Mishti will start packing and tell Abir they should go home as lockdown has ended.Abir will ask if she is sure and Mishti will tell him that they have to be there for Meenakshi’s birthday tomorrow.Ketki and family calls Abir and asks when he is coming back home.Abir will then see Mishti still upset and lies their NGO work isn’t done yet and they are not coming back.

Meenakshi will feel devastated that Abir forgot her birthday and will ask Parul not to remind him.Meenakshi will tell Parul that Abir and Mishti had decided to live separately without informing them.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for more updates.