In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Abir will get restless about Mishti while Mishti will cry in pain as her leg got hurt. She will realize she fell into a big ground down below and impossible to go up. Kuhu will start talking continuously to Kunal about how he should face Mishti and not blame her and so on until Kunal keep an energy bat in her mouth shutting her up. He will tell he was just going to ask if she want coffee. Nanu will message Mishti that Abir is asking about her to staff and will be on his way to her. Kuhu will get some red patches on her face and falls down sick. A doctor will check her and inform Nannu and Kunal that its due to allergy. Nannu will ask Kunal what she ate when he tell him that he gave her energy bar which had just madam, raisins and walnut. Nannu tell him Kuhu is allergic to walnut and ask him how did he not know about her allergies being her husband. Kunal will feel guilty.

Abir will go to the tent area and find it empty he will wonder where Mishti might have gone. Few men will shout that jungle has caught fire. Abir will run in search of Mishti and find her phone nearby. He will then get shocked seeing her down. He will try to pull her up with a tree branch but she will fall down again. Mishti will insist on Abir to leave her go but Abir himself will get down to save her.

Kunal will sit next to Kuhu and hold her hand. He will call nurse when he realize she has high fever. Nurse ask him to place cold cloth on her forehead. Kunal does that and when he was about to leave Kuhu hold his hand in sleep and Kunal swear to her he isn’t going anywhere. As the fire in jungle keeps increasing Abir will ask Mishti to hold him tight so he can climb up with her by holding the branch. They both will fall again as branch is torn.

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