In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Meenakshi will realise the report is missing and message Nishant that she lost report and Abir was there in hospital. Abir will be shocked to see Nishant dint have trace of alcohol. He will decide to call Mishti. Jasmeet will question Vishamber that of he would have forgiven Abir today if Nishant hadn’t been intoxicated. Vishamber will tell her, he fixed this marriage after learning Nishant loves Mishti. He will clarify to her that everything he had done is for Nishant.

Jasmeet will be relieved and thank him. Mishti will overhear this. Abir will call her but she ignore the call later pick it up. When was Abir was about to tell her truth Nishant take away Abir’s phone asking him to stay away from his fiancee. Abir will hit him and tell him he don’t deserve Mishti or the family as he gave them pain and a betrayer. They both fight and Abir run out vowing to expose him.

Mishti will get restless but Kuhu will take her phone and take her down for haldi. Nishant will follow Abir’s car. Abir’s car hits a tree and he fall down and roll into the water. Nishant will find Abir’s car and search for him. He will realize Abir must have fallen into water and he will be scared of water. Just then he will see Abir’s phone on ground, seeing Mishti’s message, he will decide to save himself and message her from Abir phone that he don’t want to see her.

Kuhu will fight with Mishti for ruining everything but she will insist on talking to Kunal. Mishti and Kunal will be sure Abir didn’t send message. Kunal will go to hospital and learn Abir fought with some guy. Nishant will come home and hide about Abir. He will lie to Mishti he went for walk and pretend to be normal.

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