In the upcoming episode of Star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, The Maheshwaris will be happy to see Mishti and insist on celebrating her birthday with a party at home. Nannu and Jasmeet will decide to go to Rajvansh house to invite Kuhu and Kunal for the party. Abir and Kunal will get home and Meenakshi hug Abir saying she is glad he is alright. Kunal will see Kuhu crossing the date in the cupboard. Kunal will get angry and they both argue due to misunderstanding. Kuhu will tell him that she knows he doesn’t love her. Kunal will stay silent looking troubled.

Abir will take help from Jugnu and bring down the box containing Mishti’s painting from attic. He will decide to tell the truth to her. Nannu and Jasmeet will arrive Rajvansh House and invite Kuhu and Kunal for the party. Kunal will deny saying he has a meeting but Kuhu will be there. Meenakshi will make Nidhi question about Nishant alliance to see if he is dating anyone. Jasmeet will tell her he is single.

Nishant will meet Abir in his room and interact with him to become friends. He will sign the contract and invite him for a Rugby match. Abir will agree but tell him people play football here. They both will agree to play football. Meenakshi will go Kunal who apologize for not being there with Abir as he was with Kuhu. Meenakshi will taunt him that she don’t trust him anymore as he lied to her from the first not telling her about Nishant. Kunal will tell her that Mishti has moved on and dating Nishant. Meenakshi will suspect they are acting and insist Kunal to go to the party and find out if Nishant and Mishti love eachother.

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