Abir and Mishti of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is only ITV couple that finds happiness in even tough situations.

Mishti was asked by Kuhu to give her mandap for her marriage with Kunal. It all started when Mishti unintentionally revealed to Maheswari’s about Kunal and Kuhu divorce. Kuhu accuses Mishti for deliberately spreading the news. Now, after so much of accusation and arguments; Kuhu comes to the conclusion that she wants Kunal back in her life only after marrying with him in the mandap decorated for Mishti.

After Mishti learns Kuhu’s condition from Kunal she without any second thought allowed Kuhu and Kunal to take over the wedding place decorated for her and Abir. Kunal gets impressed with Mishti.

Further, Abir thinks about his wedding and he gets surprised seeing the decorated bus. Mishti tells to Abir that their marriage will happen on the bus top. The ‘BUS’ already has a MISHBIR connection which we viewer’s have seen so far in the episodes of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke.

Watching ‘MISHBIR’ wedding on the bus top was exciting! And the scene also created the history on ITV as, none have ever witnessed any other such unique marriage before. Mostly, wedding in Indian shows are done at the wedding venue or at the temple. And we also expected the same. We all thought MISHBIR too will marry in the temple next. But this ‘BUS’ wedding made us to applaud on the creativity of the makers. The makers kept alive the uniqueness of MISHBIR’s Bus connection, as right from meeting each other for the first time on the bus roof ‘Mishbir’ many times was seen colliding on the top of the bus.

Well, coming back to the scene. Abir and Mishti reach the top of the bus. The duos marriage happened under the sky and stars. MISHBIR was complementing well each other. Abir just couldn’t control himself from adoring his lady love. While, we just can’t resist ourselves from taking off our eyes from this beautiful couple.

To add more beauty to the scene; Abir’s shayari smitten us too. ABIR to MISHTI:

Na tu mujhse zayada, na mai tujhse kam hai. Aaj se tu aur mai nahi, aaj se srif hum hain. Jaise aagan se hota hai ghar ka rishta, waise hi hoga humara barabar ka rishta. Jaise Kanah adhoore bina Radha Rani Ke, waise bina tere adhoori meri kahani. Humesa Rahenge Sanam saath tere, ki sanam hum le rahein hai saath phere. Har ek phera ek janam ka hai waada, ki pyaar karenge sanam tujhse phele se zyada. Itni khushi hai ki aaj palkein bhi nam hain, na mai tujhse zyada na tum mujhse kam hai. Tu aur mai, aaj se srif hum hai”.

Now this is the beauty of Mishti and Abir, amid the chaos they find their peace. Share your views on Abir and Mishti’s unique bond.

Show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is on break due to COVID-19. Thus, we will try to bring some more beautiful ‘MISHBIR’ moments.
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