There is always so many folklore and lines are invested to depict the meaning of true love and the struggles to make it a complete and fruitful journey. Every person who falls in love and bears the fire of it is aware that even if it looks like a bed of roses but the thrones are hidden in it which affect the most.

Star plus show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is a story about two different love stories. Unfortunately, their families are not in a good terms rather stayed at loggerheads after the alliance of Mishti and Kunal got broken. However, later on both Kuhu and Kunal and Mishti and Abir find their solace in each other. Whereas Kuhu and Kunal is aware about their feelings and expressed about it. Mishti on the other hand is yet to realize her feelings for Abir. 

Unknown to the reality, Mishti and Abir joined hands to make Kuhu meets Kunal to grow their feelings for each other more. Meenakshi on the other hand has played her game to abolish any possibility of their love story. In the upcoming episodes of the show the audience will get to see Meenakshi will create a scene at Maheswari house by sending some pictures of Kuhu and Kunal together at the party.

On the other hand,  Mishti decides to tell the truth to their family but Kuhu stops her. However, Kuhu will be told not to meet Kunal anymore and cut all ties with him. Kuhu makes Mishti responsible for it and says like me even you will also not get your love.

On the other side, Abir and Kunal will also land in an argument post Kunal spots Abir with Mishti and gets  manipulated with Swetha’s words. In short both the love stories are seemed to be in danger now. For more updates keep watching this space.