The Episode starts with Mishti hiding in the temple while Mehul searches for her. She tries to hide herself from him but Mehul almost about to see her when he noticed the priest of the temple and goes to talk to him. priest tells him that its strange to see him here as a lady was just asking about him. Mehul let him go and thinks that it is surely Meenakshi but she doesn’t know this time he will be ahead of her in every way possible . Mishti says what is the use of spying when she didn’t get to know anything moreover Mehul is suspecting now that someone is following him. Suddenly she gets a thought in her mind and think why will Mehul uncle wants to know who is spying on him? mysteries about to go from there when she noticed that people are coming inside the temple for performing the verenation. On the other side in the Maheshwari house, the entire Rajvansh family arrived at the house of Kuhu to celebrate the occasion of Karva Chauth.

Everyone asks for Kunal when Meenakshi says he is stuck in the meeting so he can be late and Kuhu says she will manage. Everyone is preparing for celebrating Karva chauth. While on the other side, Mishti is trying to seek more information from the priest of the temple.

Rajshri asked Abir about the time of arrival of Mishti after getting done with NGO work. The engagement date of Mishti and Abir is finalized after two days. Abir tracks the phone network of Mishti and reaches Rajgarh. Mishti is coming back home but sarkar gets broke down on the way. She has a hit and miss with Mehul at that spot. Kunal comes at Maheshwari house to celebrate Karva Chauth with Kuhu.

Abir seeks permission from the elders of the house and left to look for Mishti. Mishti is waiting at Rajgarh when she sees Abir is coming. Abir asks her why she came here? Mishti imagined if she told him about the real reason of arrival at Rajgarh then he will misunderstand her and will leave. Hence she decides to keep quiet and due to weakness she feels dizzy and fainted in his arms. Abir gets worried for her and realised she also kept fast for him and he looks for a place where he can put her to rest and look for some water and food. The cab driver suggested Abir that there is a temple where he can take her at the place is safe. Kunal breaks the fast of Kuhu and Varsha gets happy to see that everything is fine between her daughter and son-in-law. Rajshri gifts Meenakshi a shawl specially made from Udaipur and suggested some ideas to perform the engagement of Mishti and Abir.

Meenakshi says let them decide first what is their preference? In Rajgarh, Mishti gained consciousness and Abir says if he was late in reaching the place and something happened to her and gets panicked. The priest asks Mishti if she has found the one she is looking for and Abir looks at him surprised.

Precap – Mishti requested the priest not to tell Abir about her queries but Abir listen to their conversation.

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