Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke who just completed their 150 episodes in the last week is going to enter in a crucial mode of the story line. The show is always about the complexity and maintenance of the relationship people build around them. The highlights of the show has always been the bond between the siblings of Rajvansh family. Abir and Kunal has always been a living example of one soul in two bodies. However in the upcoming episodes of the show, this bond is going to be affected badly when Abir will come to know one of the most devastating reality about his brother.

In the previous week we had seen, which no choice left anymore Kunal decided to take the drastic step he can to separate Abir and Mishti from each other. He called the lawyer and immediately asked him to prepare the divorce papers. He asks Kuhu to sign the papers with the thought of hitting the bull’s eye. He imagined that this step of him will hit a major blow on the relationship of Abir and Mishti.

However, Mishti got to know about this and confronts Kunal in front of all and calls him a loser. This week, Abir who will be shocked by the turn of events in his house will try to have a word with Kunal.

Meanwhile Kuhu will confront Kunal and in the heat of the moment she blabbered all the incidents that took place during their pre-marriage period. She literally confessed and question Kunal with each incident that occurred in both the families due to his conspiracy.

Abir who is present there will come to know that Meenakshi is accompanied by Kunal all the while and he is just pretending to be happy with his happiness and actually is trying to double cross him. This will come as a shock for him and he will be startled with the whole fiasco. Now it will be interesting to see how he will stand by Mishti and also sort out the mess that is growing in the family of Rajvansh house.

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