The episode starts with Abir reads the text of Mishti, Kunal calls him from behind, he asks Abir who is messaging late at night. Abir says Kohli is asking for tips in the world cup. Kunal says very funny and asks what is the first name of Kohli? Abir replies Mishti. Kunal asks why are you talking to her? Abir says we are talking about you and Kuhu.
Abir asks Kunal about his feelings for Kuhu, Kunal remains clueless about it. He informs Abir that Kuhu’s alliance is getting fixed somewhere else. Abir says so what did you decide?

Here Mishti opens the door and enters the room. Kuhu shouts you locked me inside and asks her if she is listening to her or not? Mishti closes the door and asks Kuhu to speak slowly or else all will get to listen. Mishti says how could you think Kunal will escape with you? He is an Indian boy, and Indians stay with their mother all their life. Kuhu and Mishti do a cute fight with each other. Mishti informs Kuhu that she went to Rajvansh house to meet Abir but he was busy with his grandfather. She couldn’t talk to her there at all.

Abir and Kunal talk about Kuhus marriage, Kunal says Kuhu getting married to anyone else is not seems fine to him. Abir says what is right according to you? Kunal says Kuhu likes me, but I am not sure about her. Abir says then let her move on in life. Kunal says what if I marry her? Abir says it’s not just about saying but you have to do it. Kunal says after Shweta exit from my life, I didn’t give much thought about falling in love. Abir says so if you want Kuhu not get married to anyone else then you have to give her commitment. Abir says my commitment lies to you and my family only.

Kuhu asks Mishti to do whatever she likes and not to interfere in her matter and sleeps. Mishti thinks about Abir and his likings for her. In the morning, Mishti gets a video call from Abir, she in a hurry fixes her hair and takes his call. They talk about Kuhu and Kunal while Abir informs her that Kunal is disturbed with Kuhu’s marriage news. Abir says If I get love in life I will fight with the entire world, love only comes to lucky people and if I am lucky enough then I will not let this chance go away.

In Rajvansh house, all gather together for breakfast. Abir Nanu and his sister all start to play a game, while Kunal came. Abir says rainbow and Kunal answers Kuhu, all pull legs of Kunal when he tells Abir that this is not fair.
Meenakshi enters the house and asks everyone that is she guilty of whatever the situation is today? She then tells to approach the Maheswari family first and if they agree only then come to me for further talks. She goes far and looks at Kunal, Kunal feels unsure. In Maheshwari house, Kuhu promised everyone to be quiet and calm all day and will not do any odd activity. She says she will try with all your might to give this alliance a chance.

Later, Abir notices the painting of Mishti left uncovered. Meenakshi enters Abir room and says Kunal is hiding something from me. Abir says you did take an impulsive step in hurry that time. Meenakshi leaves while Abir senses something is wrong.

Precap: Abir goes to Mishti to tell about painting, Mishti asks him to shut up. Meenakshi confronts Kunal’s feelings about Kuhu.