With Naina and Sameer shifting to Bombay what twist awaits for them will be interesting to watch. The show is well known for showcasing 90’s and this track will make one to relish the struggle of that era especially at dream city Mumbai.

In the show till date whatever 90’s high points the makers touched was relatable and now Naina’s and Sameer Bombay journey and their struggle to find the job and settle down in the city will worth a watch.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Sameer wants to become an actor and Naina is supporting him in his decision. Later, Rakesh gets ready to accompany Naina and Sameer. Everyone plays passing the cushion and when Sameer gets out Naina asks him to narrate a new shayari. Sameer while narrating the shayari as how much he will miss everyone out here after leaving and he gets lost in thought. Someone asks to resume the music and everyone dances along with Naina and Sameer. Naina, Sameer and their friends shares an emotional hug. Naina and Sameer’s friend advised them to always stand for each other in all odds. Naina and Sameer get emotional seeing their house.

Now as per the sources, Naina and Sameer will recreate ‘Raj and Simran’s , train moment from the movie DDLJ’ at the station.  Naina will run to catch the train, Sameer will give her his hand same like( Shahrukh Khan as Raj did in the movie for Simran) and he will drag Naina up. The duo will share an eyelock.

After reaching Mumbai, Naina will make Sameer to dance with some fisherwomen. Later, Rakesh, Naina and Sameer will reach the society. And the day 1 of Naina and Sameer, will start with an argument. Sameer will ask Naina, why she brought Rakesh with her. Meanwhile, Rakesh will ask for house keys from Sameer and Sameer will say he don’t have any keys with him, as he has already given to him.

What happens next in Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai, Mumbai track will be interesting to watch. How Naina and Sameer will fresh start their life at the new city, to see their journey tune on Sony TV, mon-fri, 10pm.

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