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Episode begins with Aman able to see the real moon and thanks Armaan for helping him and finally with the help of the rope by Natasha he was able to capture the real moon and tries to pull it. Other housemates are also helping him and Roshni gets surprised to see that he is almost half way to do it and she somehow doesn’t want Aman to win.

Aman decided to go near moon because that is the only way to bring moon down or else his magic is not working on making to bring it down. Aman gets into his car and goes upstairs and brought the pieces of moon and collects them from the ground. The magician took a piece using the magic and decided to present to Roshni.

Aman comes down and takes a piece from the hand of reptile as he got freezed due to cold. Aman goes to present it but Roshni says can’t you differentiate between the piece of moon and pumpkin? Aman says I brought the moon piece only and not pumpkin. Roshni says you don’t have extra time for completing the task as it is over. Aman says I completed the task on time but the other competitor did cheating. Not my fault and I don’t consider myself loser.

.The housemates also speak in favour of Aman and made Roshni change her decision and she says I will give another challenge which will be more tough and more challenging. Rehaan and Natasha are discussing to hug each other for 20 secs but Rehaan is feeling uneasy and understands that he is falling for Shayari maybe and that’s why he is feeling guilty for hugging Natasha and he let go off her before time. The other jinn noticed it from the corner and decided to teach Rehaan a lesson for trying to be cosy and touchy with his bride.

Roshni presents the challenge and says you have to bring a green diamond for me which is extremely dear to me but by walking on burning coals with tied up by chains. She also adds if somehow you get stiff and caught inside the burning coals then you will be dissolve in it. The magician takes his chance but he can’t even stepped inn. The short jinn is going to attack Natasha urff Rehaan but Rehaan saved her who is in the body of Natasha and says we have to swap back our bodies as soon as possible and asks for the tonic but Natasha says I am not getting it maybe someone stole it.

.Aman proceeds to do the deed for Roshni and her love. He steps and is able to enter the burning coal path but as soon as he enters he is tied up with chains and now he has to walk like this. The housemates are praying for Aman to win the challenge while Roshni is enjoying the entire thing.

Precap – Aman is tied up with chain and his mouth is taped. The magician and Roshni are getting married in front of him and the housemates are trying to stop her.