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The episode begins with Aman stepped inside the burning coal platform and as soon as he enters, he is captured with iron chains all over and it was difficult for him to move even. The housemates are really worried for him and tries to make Roshni understand that should step in and save Aman. Aman is trying to move but he is unable to do so and Roshni is getting happy to see this because she doesn’t want Aman to win the competition at any cost.

Due to the constant pleading from the family, Rashmi says to them I already warned him about the danger regarding this competition. However, he is the one who wants to continue with the stunt for his own adamant. Right now, he is going to face the consequences of his own actions. Nevertheless, Roshni is indirectly affected by the sufferings of Aman and she does something to free him from this and as soon as he gets free he goes up to get the jewel for Roshni along with the magician. Before the magician can grab the diamond, Aman takes it in his own hand. The magician says to Aman that give me back the diamond or else you will face the worst consequences for this.

Aman says you cannot do anything when the magicians says that I will kill your son if you don’t give me that green diamond. Aman told him it must be your magic and you are just trying to distract me, you have done it before also. The magicians says what if he is actually your son Armaan? And if you still want to go ahead then I will drop him in the tub of burning oil. He is going to drop Armaan but Aman stops him and says that I am ready to give you the diamond.

As soon as he gave him the diamond he realised that he was actually pulling him with illusions and Armaan is not with him. Both of them comes back down at the house and the magician presents the green diamond to Roshni as if he is the one who owns it. Roshni says I was so happy that you are the one who won the competition because if someone else would have won, then I will become the most unhappy person.

Aman understand that Roshni hinted about him and he was hurt. later on he was discussing the entire thing with his house members when Rubina says even if you win the competition then also Roshni will not marry you because she doesn’t want to marry you as you can change her for good and she doesn’t want that. Aman looks at Armaan and promises him that he will bring back his mother soon.

Aman try says that I was trying to win the competition with my honesty and fair games but it doesn’t just work here. He decided to go for a twisted way from now onwards. Roshni is getting ready for her marriage when a man goes in the room where the groom is getting ready and he makes him unconscious to replace him at the marriage place. However once again due to his emotional behaviour he gets caught in front of Roshni when Anjum is going to stumbled upon with Armaan in her hand.

Roshni gets suspicious about her groom and when she unveils his face, she gets to know that it is Aman who is standing in front of him as her groom.

Precap – Aman is captured with chain and his face is taped. Roshni is getting married to the magician in front of him.