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Episode begins with Shayari wake up from sleep and Anjum asks her if she is feeling fine now? She says how I end up being here? Anjum says you catch fever and that’s why it happened. She gives her a bowl of soup and then Shayari decides I have to say thanks and sorry to Rehan. She says him sorry and Rehaan says that I know what you did and I don’t want to talk to you but I have deposited the 6 month salary in your account in advance. Shayari gets happy but Rehaan says now you have to obey all my words and asks her to go to warehouse to being carpets. She says it’s too late and I will go alone? Rehaan says I can take back the salary too. Shayari thinks she needs money for Monu and says I will go.

Rehaan calls Khanna to help Shayari but he gets sleepy and missed listening to it. Shayari reaches there and she looks here and there and asks a person about warehouse. The two men are standing there starts to go behind her. Shayari starts to run from there while the other two guys start to run behind her. Rehaan and Aman noticed the sword and Aman narrated everything to him. Rubina informed them that everything is being done by the Jinn hunt. Roshni asks Rehaan about pictures and he hides things from her. He says I don’t understand why he is hiding from us and he told her we have made promises to each other and he says he will always do it and Aman says to him you can get married then if he had said you that he will stop you from getting married. Roshni asks Rehaan to asks Natasha for it and Aman asks who is Natasha? Rehaan says she is my girlfriend and we met some months ago and come close so much.

Shayari is trying to call Roshni and Rehaan both but they remained unavailable and she is trying to save herself. Rehaan asks Natasha for marriage and she got surprised but then she thinks he can make him wear the ring so that she can take the dagger. She says yes and Rehaan thinks she is being helpful only. Rehaan checked his phone and finds out that Shayari gave her so many missed calls. Shayari in her defence broke two glasses on the head of goons. Roshni is trying to eat noodles but Aman stops her. He takes a bite and feels choked and fell on the floor. Shayari is feeling panicked again those two men are approaching her. Rehaan reaches the spot on time and saves her. Roshni is crying for Aman as he is injured while on the other side, Shayari is scared.

Precap – police captures the car of Roshni from all angles.