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Episode starts with Roshni finds out Shola jinn and Anjum says thank god you find out her and now we can easily capture her. Shola jinn gets angry again and is about to extract fire from her mouth but Aman locks the door from outside using his magic powers. Shola Jinn is trying to open the door by banging it. While Rubina is badly trying to manipulate all of them and specially Roshni.

However Roshni is not ready to attack her as she is feeling it’s not required at all. However, all of them are forcing her to kill Shola but at the same time Armaan starts to crying in a very cryptic way and Roshni and every other people of the house gets shocked to see that Armaan is crying like that. Shola jinn goes vanish from there and as soon as she goes Armaan stops crying and Roshni gets worried cause she feels there is some connection between these two things. Roshni shares the same feeling with other housemates and they are trying to understand her point of view.

On the other hand, Shayari and Rehaan are trying to find out about the sword of Jinn nath and the guide of Shayari is saying to her that they need to go to the place where the sword came down from the sky for the first time. He says this is the only way to find out about it. He tells them about Jinn tara because that is the one thing who always keeps an eye on the sword of king of Jinn nath.

Rehaan and Shayari decided to go there together and takes help because as a jinn Rehaan can wish something from the star on the night of full moon. Rehaan goes there and wish to know the location of the sword and the star is making them follow it to know the location of the sword. In Junaid housing, Rubina made Shola jinn angry by saying her kid is going to die soon as she has made arrangements for it already. Shola jinn gets angry and Rubina thinks her work is almost done.

Aman and Saima tries to stop her using the magic rope of Shayari and asks Roshni to kill her but she is not ready to do so. However, everyone is pressuring her for it and Rubina is being extremely manipulative. Roshni launches an attack on her even without getting convinced.

Again Armaan starts to cry and Roshni tries to think and understands that the wealth of Shola jinn is nothing but her baby. She stops her clip and says to Aman I understand that she is meaning her baby through the word, “Khazana”. She is looking for her baby and I know I am right and we should help her in finding it, let me talk to her regarding it.

Precap – Shola Jinn is digging the soil and Roshni goes to help her. Rubina is fuming with anger.